Brahma vihara verses

May all beings be happy

and be joined with the causes of happiness.

May all beings be free from suffering

and the cause of suffering.

May all beings experience the great joy, free of sorrow,

and be joined with the causes of joy.

May I find equanimity within my heart

so that I can meet

both joy and pain alike,

with insight into the nature of existence.

May I be steady in my metta (love),

always ready to see

with the kind eyes of the heart.

May I not close down

or fall prey to irritation and anger.

May I be generous

with my compassion

and reach out to those

who experiences difficulty.

May I not turn away

out of fear or comfort.

May I be steady in taking delight

in the joy of others

and not hold anything back.

May I not get entwined

in the miserly and mean clothes of envy.

May I have the courage to realise

the roots of joy, pain and happiness,

and learn to meet all

with the same warm and clear equanimity.

May I not withdraw

and become indifferent to others.

May I have the courage

to meet (embrace) life in its fullness,

and find the insight that sets free.

(translated by Viryabodhi, 23 February 2015)

Here is also an Estonian version.

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