Come Tara

Come Tara, come,
you beautifully green, come,
take over this pain-filled body,
this life of futile strivings.

Come, Tara, come – fill me
with your unbounded joy,
liberate me from my self-inflicted suffering,
let me be like you,
unbounded and limitless,
you, unhindered and irresistible.

Even so, I’m so afraid
of giving up my poor little I.
Come, Tara, come – show yourself,
show, what one does to burst
the fetter of greed – and fear,
show, how one describes love
and makes fear powerless.

Come, Tara, come – show me
how I can let in
that which is you, your essence –
your kindness, your through flowing gentleness,
your mighty faith, your indestructible being,
your love that never goes dry.

Come, Tara, come – show me
the secret transformation and
the mystical exchange, how another’s
joy and pain,
can be like my own.

Come, Tara, come – I promise
to be worthy your gift!
Come, Tara, just come!

(Viryabodhi, at Öhn, Strömsund, 25 June 2002.
Translated into English, 22 July 2014.)

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