Journey South

Inspired by Jayarava and others, I thought ’why not?’ Let’s try this blog business and maybe it will inspire me to write more, share some thoughts – heart thoughts – and dreams. I wonder how long this blog will be named Viryabodhi’s heart thoughts – not having any better idea just now. I have often remarked that I’d like more time for writing, so maybe this can be a way of addressing that need. And also to stay in touch with friends and enter the cyber sangha space. I suppose this could be an alternative to starting a web page, which I’ve also considered.

For the first time in my life I travel in first class on the train and enjoy free access to Internet. Hence I became a little more adventurous than usual and created this blog.

I’m travelling south in Sweden to visit family and friends in Helsingborg, where I grew up. It is just across from Denmark and Helsingör or Elsinore (as in Hamlet).

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