Stop buying stuff and learn how to be happy instead

Well, I stumbled upon this lively and so responsive talk by Ratnaguna, given at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 26 February 2011. The original title also included: ”Recycling is not enough …”

Ratnaguna finishes this talk with first reading a Song of joy by Milarepa, the famous Tibetan hermit and poet, and realised guy; then Ratnaguna reads his own Song of happiness.

’Stop Buying Stuff and Learn How To Be Happy Instead’ – Ratnaguna from Clear Vision Trust on Vimeo.

Here is the song by Milarepa (from ”The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa”, transl. C.C.Chang, p. 422 volume two, Shambhala Publications):

I am a yogi who lives on a snow-mountain peak.
With a healthy body I glorify the Mandala of the Whole.
Cleansed of vanity from the five poisons,
I am not unhappy;
I feel nothing but joy!
Renouncing all turmoil
and fondness of diversion,
I reside alone in perfect ease.
Forswearing the bustle of this world,
joyfully I stay in no-man’s land.
Since I have left embittered family life,
I no longer have to earn and save;
since I want no books,
I do not intend to be a learned man;
I pratice virtuous deeds,
I feel no shame of heart.
Since I have no pride or vanity,
I renounce with joy the saliva-splashing debate!
Hypocrisy I have not, nor pretension.
Happy and natural I live
without forethought or adjustment.
Since I want nor fame nor glory,
rumors and accusations disappear.
Wher’er I go, I feel happy,
whate’er I wear, I feel joyful,
whatever food I eat, I am satisfied.
I am always happy.
Through Marpa’s grace,
I, your old father Milarepa,
have realised samsara and nirvana.
The yoga of joy ever fills my hermitage.

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