The remarkable story of a stroke, from the inside

Yesterday I listened to the summer speaker Fredrik Härén, on the Swedish radio 1. He gave a couple of tips of videos he had watched that had inspired him, on of which was this one of Jill Bolte Taylor speaking on: My stroke of insight – her from the inside experience of having a stroke. Herself a brain researcher tells a fascinating and moving story. Watch it below or click on the title above!

On this website, TED, I also found some other interesting video’d talks, by for instance Mathieu Ricard, Buddhist monk, and a few more. Many of the speakers I’d never heard of though.

Fredrik also recommended a talk by Steve Jobs at Stanford University. Worth seeing too:
’Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address’. Here’s the link

And now time for packing and thinking of someone special, who just gave me ’The Prophet’, which I have never read before. A favourite of many, I know. Tomorrow I’m off on the Nordic Order retreat at Abhayaloka, just over an hour north of Helsinki in Finland.


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