Imagination in the spiritual life

I’ve been listening to these talks lately, and working my way through them. I’m very grateful to Subhuti for doing this and in many ways taking Bhante’s thinking further, and sometime sticking out his neck, thinking on his feet and exploring. Sometimes I’m a little surprised that people take him so literally. Anyhow, I think the talks – available at – were given to an Order context, so they assume some knowledge of the Triratna community, practices and perspectives on the Dharma. There are a lot of pearls and food for thought, the beginning of a much needed re-valuation of the Imagination. Sometimes you don’t hear the questions, but that doesn’t matter, stay with it and you will be richly rewarded. Below is the order in which the talks/material were given. Maybe I’ll write more another day.

Cambridge Study Weekend
with Subhuti
October 2010

1. Introducing the Imagination (time: 1.07.46)
2. The History of the Imagination In the West – part 1 (1.32.02)
3. The History of the Imagination In the West – part 2 (1.01.20)
4. The Role of Art and Aesthetics In the Imagination (1.15.30)
5. Imagining the Buddha (1.17.59)

Subhuti also gave a series of three talks at the London Buddhist Centre, som time after the above talks in Cambridge, LOC 504, 505 & 511; here’s a link to the first:

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